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I've found Animal baby names
  Animal baby names

Want to know what infant animals are called? Here's a list, organized alphabetically in terms of the young 'uns.

Adult Animal Name Proper Baby Animal Name
Ape, Human, Chimp, Gorrilla, Space Alien baby, infant, toddler
Antelope, Bison, Buffalo, Camel, Elephant, Elk, Giraffe, Gnu, Hippopotamus, Moose, Porpoise, Reindeer, Rhinoceros, Whale, Yak calf
Butterfly caterpillar, larva, pupa, chrysalis
Crow, Heron, Hummingbird, Lark, Ostrich, Parrot, Penguin, Pheasant, Quail, Woodpecker, Wren (i.e., most birds) chick
Emu chick, hatchling
Chicken chick, pullet (young hen), cockrell (young rooster)
Codfish codling, hake, sprag, sprat
Donkey, Zebra colt, foal
Alpaca, Llama cria (cf Spanish criar, to breed)
Bear, Cheetah, Hyena, Leopard, Lion, Panda, Raccoon cub
Walrus cub, pup
Tiger cub, whelp
Swan cygnet, flapper
Duck, Mallard duckling
Jellyfish ephyna
Falcon, Hawk eyas
Deer, Pronghorn fawn
Trout fingerling
Eagle fledgling, eaglet
Mule foal
Horse foal, colt (male), filly (female)
Fish fry, fingerling
Goose gosling
Alligator, Turtle hatchling
Bird hatchling, chick
Dinosaur hatchling, juvenile
Kangaroo, Koala, Opossum, Wallaby, Wombat (i.e., many species from Australis) joey
Goat kid, billy
Ferret, Skunk, Weasel kit
Badger kit, cub
Fox kit, cub, pup
Cat Serval kitten
Rabbit kitten, bunny, kit
Sheep lamb, lambkin, cosset
Bee, Clam, Gnat, Hornet, Termite, Wasp, Yellow Jacket larva
Sand Dollar, Sea Urchin, Seastar larva, pluteus (free-swimming stage), juvenile (young urchin)
Eel leptocephalus (larva), elver (juvenile)
Hare leveret
Mosquito lnymph, wriggler, tumbler
Fly maggot
Cockroach, Grasshopper, Louse nymph
Owl owlet, fledgling
Peafowl peachick
Hedgehog piglet, pup
Boar, Pig piglet, shoat, farrow
Turkey poult
Platypus puggle
Armadillo, Bat, Gerbil, Guinea pig, Hamster, Mole, Prairie dog, Seal, Shark pup
Dog pup, puppy
Dolphin pup, calf
Squirrel pup, kit, kitten
Beaver pup, kitten
Mouse, Rat pup, pinkie, kitten
Coyote, Otter, Wolf pup, whelp
Hog shoat, farrow
Snake Snakelet, neonate (a newly-born snake), hatchling (a newly-hatched snake)
Oyster spat
Spider spiderling
Dove squab, chick
Pigeon squab, squeaker
Ox stot, calf
Toad tadpole
Frog tadpole, polliwog, froglet


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