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I've found Baby names meaning lucky (good luck, fortunate)
  Baby names meaning lucky (good luck, fortunate)

Baby names meaning lucky

Lucky means having good luck or good fortune. An opportune outcome is a lucky one. Luck is seen as in the realm of chance and randomness, that is one does not extend effort to be lucky, it just happens by chance.

There are a number of fictional characters who have the name Lucky, such as in 101 Dalmations, in Waiting for Godot and the Leprechaun mascot for Lucky Charms cereal. It's a brand name for jeans and, ironically, for cigarettes. The most famous non-fictional person with this first name is "Lucky" Luciano who was a gangster.

It appears in idioms such as "born lucky", "third time lucky" and as a variant "the luck of the Irish".

In French is it porte-bonheur; in Spanish, afortunado; in German, glücklich.

There are many superstitions about what leads to good and bad luck. Seven as seen as a lucky number; 13 and unlucky number (and especially, Friday the 13th). It is bad luck to walk under a ladder, open an umbrella indoors or break a mirror. Finding a shamrock, will lead to good luck. Good luck can be restored by turning 7 times clockwise. If you kill an albatross it will bring disasterous bad luck on you.

Here are examples of baby girl and baby boy names that mean lucky in different languages.

For boys, Eyolf in Norwegian (lucky wolf); Fallih in Arabic; Faust & Felix in English; Feliciano in Spanish. Sad, Ikbal, Saeed, Syeed, Mas'ud in Arabic. Szczezny in Polish. Bonaventure in Italian. Chaoxian in Chinese.

For girls, Anooshah & Farrukh in Afgan; Feliciana in Spanish. In Japanese, Fukuko & Tomiko. In German, Olenkka. In Hawaiian, Pomaikai. Bahiti in Egyptian. Edburgha in Old English. Flick and Flicka are pet names in English for lucky. Gwenenth as other variations of Gweneth are Welsh.

For either boys or girls, you can use the French Félicité, or the Cambodian Samnang."

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