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I've found Baby names meaning white
  Baby names meaning white

Baby names meaning white

Here are examples of baby girl and baby boy names that mean white in different languages.

Name Origin Sex Meaning
Moswen African---Botswana Female Light colored, white
Zahra Arabic Female White
Kuracca Australian-Aboriginal Male White cockatoo, bird
Minore Australian-Aboriginal Female White flower, blossom
Nalukea Hawaiian Female White wave
Puakea Hawaiian Female White flower
Kuaika Hawaiian Male White
Shalgia Hebrew Female Snow white
Laban Hebrew Male White
Laksha Hindu Female White rose, flower
Nuala Irish-Gaelic Female White or fair shouldered one
Roka Japanese Male White crest of the wave
Shirae Japanese Female White bay or white creek
Rosalba Latin Female White rose
Muraco NAm.-Indian Male White moon
Onacona NAm.-Indian---Cherokee Male White owl
Wabanaquot NAm.-Indian---Chippewa Male White cloud
Ongwaterohiathe NAm.-Indian---Iroquois Male White sky
Tsen Tainte NAm.-Indian---Kiowa Male White horse
Sahkonteic NAm.-Indian---Nez-Perce Male White eagle, bird
Peopeo Hihhih NAm.-Indian---Nez-Perce Male White bird
Pawhuska NAm.-Indian---Osage Male White hair
Misae NAm.-Indian---Osage Female White sun
Quahah NAm.-Indian---Pueblo Female White coral beads
Wambleeska NAm.-Indian---Sioux Male White eagle, bird
Mahaska NAm.-Indian---Sioux Male/Female White cloud
Ptaysanwee NAm.-Indian---Sioux Female White bison
Matoskah NAm.-Indian---Sioux Male White bear
Wycliff Old-English Male From the white cliff
Whitman Old-English Male White man
Whitlock Old-English Male White lock of hair
Pandu Sanskrit Male Pale, white
Neva Spanish Female Snow, white
Tavake Tongan Female White sea bird
Wynn Welsh Male Fair, white


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