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I've found Filipino baby names (male female; boys girls)
  Filipino baby names (male female; boys girls)

Ang gawa sa pagkabata, dala hanggang pagtanda.
"What one learns in childhood he carries into adulthood." - Filipino saying


There are several patterns that are common in naming babies in Filipino cuture. The Roman Catholic church is a dominant force in the Philipines due to Spanish colonization so names related to the Vigin Mary (e.g., Maria), the immaculate conception (e.g., Concepcion), Saints (e.g., John, Paul, Mark).

Like other cultures which have large extended families, the use of relatives names is common as a show of respect and tradition.

Another pattern is names that reflect nature. Some examples are Bituin & Tala, which each mean star; Kawayan, which means bamboo and Liwanag, which means light. Others are Namoc (mosquito), Ongoy (monkey); Amihan (northern monsoon).

Finally, Western culture has had a great impact on Filipino baby names. Parents who want their children to prosper in this culture may choose names popular in the United States. So, for example, Jeffrey, Marlon, Noel, Ronald and Richard are among the most popular names for boys and Catherine, Grace, Jennifer, Janice, Mary Grace and Rowena are perenial favorites for girls names.


Here are our lists of Filipino baby boy names & meanings and Filipino baby girl names & meanings.



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