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I've found German baby girls and boys names with meanings (male, female)
  German baby girls and boys names with meanings (male, female)

German baby names & meanings

German is the main language in Austria (90 percent), Germany (95 percent) and Switzerland (65 percent). It is also the main language in Luxemborg and Liechtenstein. It is also a popular second language in many European countries.

German speakers are probably most famous worldwide for their composers: Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms, Georg Händel, Joseph Haydn, Gustav Mahler, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

In sports famous Germans are Steffi Graf, Boris Becker; in entertainment: Marlene Dietrich, Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer. In literature, the Brothers Grimm (Jakob & Wilhelm) & Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Infamous Nazis are Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring. Germans who are well known in automotive field: Karl Benz, Rudolf Diesel, Ferry Porsche.

Close to a quarter of Americans have some German roots, so it is not surprising that Germanic names are popular in the United States. Two of the most popular names in recent counts, Emma and Emily are German in origin. For boys, William, which comes from the German Wilhelm is a perennial entry in the top ten list. Of course, German names when used in America typically conform to the English alphabet, so vowels with and umlaut (e.g., Äther) and the German ß (eszett) character are not used. Well, typically not, except like Blue Öyster Cult, Motörhead, Mötley Crüe and Queensrÿche, like if you were to name your little shorty after these bands, then like totally dude, you can use the umlaut, even though it's really like more of a diaeresis than as an umlaut, and those names don't really have anything to do with German, but like I'm spreading the word where I can, okay? well, peace out, düde.

And after that brief digression... A German name is made up from a forename (Vornamen) and a family name (Nachname). The forename is gender specific, so there are few unisex German first names. In a recent census, the top ten boys names in Germany were Maximilian, Alexander, Paul, Leon, Lukas, Luca, Felix, Johas, Tim and David. For girls the names were Marie, Sophie, Maria, Anna, Leonie, Leah, Laura, Lena, Katharina and Johanna. Like other cultures, sports figures, movie stars, tradition and name popularity contribute to the name chosen. In addition the Standesamt (office of vital statistics) must approve of the name.

Below are German names and meanings for boys and girl..

Adelfried protector Boy
Abelard abbey  Boy
Adelbert famous by nobility  Boy
Adelmo noble protector  Boy
Ademaro glorious Boy
Adolph noble wolf, noble hero  Boy
Agneta pure  Girl
Ahren eagle  Boy
Alaric noble rule  Boy
Aldous old rich  Boy
Algiers noble soldier  Boy
Ancel divine  Boy
Arabelle eagle  Girl
Aubrey rule of the genie  Girl
Baldwinn friend Boy
Barend bear  Boy
Bergen mountain man  Boy
Berta learning  Girl
Bertram brilliant  Boy
Blaz constant protector  Boy
Bluma flowering  Girl
Burke birch  Boy
Carleigh freeholder  Girl
Cecania frees  Girl
Chay man  Girl
Chloris pale  Girl
Conrado brave advice  Boy
Dagna splendid day  Girl
Dagobert shining sun  Boy
Derek rule  Boy
Dieter king Boy
Eberhard wild Boy
Eggbert sword Boy
Eggmont weapon Boy
Eldwin old friend  Boy
Emily impatient  Girl
Emma universal Girl
Erika always long-range  Girl
Faiga bird  Girl
Ferdinand valiant Boy
Frederick pacific rule  Boy
Frederika pacific rule  Girl
Freemont freedom  Boy
Frieda peace, joy  Girl
Galianna the supreme one Girl
Garin soldier  Boy
Geert brave force  Boy
Gerda protection  Girl
Gilbert commitment Boy
Giselle commitment  Girl
Hahn rooster  Boy
Hastings the express  Boy
Heidi noble Girl
Heller the sun  Boy
Helmut protector Boy
Henrietta rule of the home  Girl
Hermann man of the army  Boy
Hockett small man Boy
Imre great king  Boy
Jarvinia sharpened intelligence  Girl
Johann gift of God  Boy
Karoline song  Girl
Kellen marsh  Boy
Kieffer cooper  Boy
Lancelot Earth Boy
Leer of the meadow  Boy
Leonard lion heart Boy
Leyna little angel  Girl
Lorelei of the river of the Rhine  Girl
Loring famous in war Boy
Louis famous soldier  Boy
Luther soldier  Boy
Mallory advisor Girl
Mathilda forces  Girl
Meyer farmer  Boy
Millicent force  Girl
Morgen tomorrow  Girl
Nevin nephew  Boy
Nixie sprite of the water  Girl
Norbert blond hero  Boy
Odell the little rich one Boy
Odellia rich one Girl
Orlantha of the Earth  Girl
Otis rich  Boy
Peppin perseverance  Girl
Redmond advisor  Boy
Ritter horseman  Boy
Roderica the famous one  Girl
Roderick the famous one  Boy
Roland earthly  Boy
Roth red Boy
Rudolph wolf  Boy
Schmeterling butterfly  Girl
Senta assistant  Girl
Serilda armed Girl
Sonnenschein sun  shine Girl
Stein stone  Boy
Strom tree  Boy
Ula jewel of the sea Girl
Ulrika rule of the wolf  Girl
Verner defender Boy
Viveka small woman, of the strong strength  Girl
Walter the long-range soldier  Boy
Wanda wanderer  Girl
Yale producer Boy
Zelda gray soldier  Girl
Zelig blessed  Boy
Zelindah protector of the victory  Girl


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