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I've found Greek baby girls names & meanings
  Greek baby girls names & meanings

Greek baby girl names

The Greek alphabet is different from the English alphabet, so there can be variations in spelling of Greek names in English. A female name often ends in "a" "ae" "e" or "is", though as you will see below there are many exceptions.

Below are names for baby girls along with the meaning associated with the name.

Also Greek baby boy names & meanings

Achlys fog
Adrienne rich
Agatha good 
Alala goddess of the war 
Aldora gift with wings
Alicia nobleman
Althea healthy 
Alyssa logical 
Ambrose immortal 
Angela divine messenger 
Anthea lady of flowers 
Aphrodite goddess of the love 
Apolline sun
Asia of the east 
Aspasia given the welcome 
Athena goddess of the wisdom 
Calista most beautiful 
Callidora gift of the beauty 
Casia champion 
Charis charity 
Chloe flowering 
Chorale small stone
Chruse gold 
Cliantha flower of the glory 
Cressida gold 
Damara calm girl 
Damaris heifer 
Delphine calm 
Demetria goddess of the harvest
Desdemona misery 
Dianthe divine flower 
Dora gift 
Dreama happy music 
Ebony dark beauty
Eileen light
Eldoris of the sea
Elodie marshy flower
Eranthe flower of the means 
Erianthe candy
Eudocia considered 
Eudora charming gift
Euphemia of the right fame
Euphrosyne joy 
Evangeline like an angel 
Evanthe flower 
Fedora divine gift
Graeae gray
Haidee modest 
Idola idolized
Isadora gift of the moon 
Jacinta charmer
Jacinth flower of the jacinth 
Jeno sky
Kaia earth 
Kairos Jupiter goddess 
Layna light, truth 
Leonora light
Letha forgetful, oblivion 
Livana goddess 
Loto flower of loto 
Medea decision
Melita honey
Melody song 
Naia flowing 
Nerita of the sea
Niobe fern 
Nyx night 
Odelette little song
Olympia divinely 
Ophira gold 
Pamela honeyed 
Pelagia of the sea 
Penthea fifth
Persephone goddess of the earthly world 
Philadelphia brotherly love 
Philippa loving of the horse 
Phoena mystical bird
Rhea poppy 
Rhodanthe flower of the shrub rose
Selena moon 
Sophronia foresighted 
Stesha crowned
Tekla divine fame 
Thalassa of the sea 
Thalia flowering
Thea goddess
Thera savage 
Tienette crowned with the laurel 
Titania giant 
Xena guest
Xenia hospitable 
Xylona of the forest 
Zandra defender of humanity 
Zanita long teeth 
Zelia fervor 
Zenia hospitable 
Zera seeds 
Zeva sword 
Zoe life 


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