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I've found Irish Baby Boy Names & Meanings
  Irish Baby Boy Names & Meanings

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Here are some Irish baby boy names. The list also gives the meaning of the name.

Also see Irish baby names that both boys and girls can use; and Irish baby girl names.

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Baby Boy Name Meaning of Name
Addergoole From between two fords
Aderrig From the red ford
Adhamhnan Variant of Adamnan: Little Adam
Aeary Scholar
Aedus Fire
Aghy Friend of horses
Anntoin Priceless
Ardkill From the high church
Baethan Foolish
Bailintin Valiant
Bainbridge fair bridge
Bairrfhoinn Handsome
Banbhan Piglet
Banning small and fair
Baothghalach Foolish pride
Bayerd Variant of Baird: Bard; travelling musician/singer
Bayrd Variant of Baird: Bard; travelling musician/singer
Beag Variant of Beacan: Small
Beamard Brave as a bear
Beanon Good
Bearchan Variant of Bearach: Spearlike
Bec Diminutive of Beacan: Small
Behellagh Variant of Baothghalach: Foolish pride
Beinean Variant of Beanon: Good
Beineon Variant of Beanon: Good
Beircheart Shining army
Benen Kind
Beolagh Foolish pride
Bercnan Variant of Bearach: Spearlike
Bergin Variant of Bearach: Spearlike
Boetius Foolish pride
Bohannon Son of Owen
Boine Variant of Boyne: White cow
Breck freckled
Brenn Prince Variant of Brendan
Bresal Pain Also a variant of Brasil: War
Breslin Surname
Buach Victorious
Buadhach Victory
Buagh Victorious
Cacanisius Son of Nis
Cace Variant of Casey: Observant; alert; vigorous
Caffar Helmet
Cagney Surname
Cahir Warrior
Calbhach Bald
Calin Variant of Caelan: Powerful warrior
Callaghan Strife Saint Callaghan was an Irish saint
Callahan Surname
Callough Bald
Camy Variant of Camey: Champion
Canice Good-looking; handsome
Caoimhin Noble
Caomh Lovable
Carrick rock
Cartagh Variant of Carthach:
Carthach Loving A variant of Caradoc The Irish St Carthach/ also known as St Carthage/ founded an early 7th century monastery at Lismore/ County Waterford
Caulan Variant of Caelan: Powerful warrior
Ceallachan Variant of Ceallach: War; strife
Cianan Variant of Cian: Old; ancient; archaic
Ciardha Variant of Ciaran: Black-haired
Ciarrai County Variant of Ciaran: Black-haired
Cinneide Variant of Cinneidid: Helmeted; helmed head
Cinneidid Helmet head; helmed head
Cinneidigh Variant of Cinneidid: Helmeted; helmed head
Clancy red-headed fighter
Cleary learned
Cluny meadow
Cochlain Hooded
Coillcumhann From the narrow forest
Colhoun Variant of Calhoun: Small forest
Coman Bent
Comdhan Variant of Comhghan: Twin
Comhghall Hostage
Conall high/ mighty
Corran Spear-bearer
Corrigan spearman
Corrin spear carrier
Creedon A surname meaning 'Belief; guiding principle'
Crogher Loves hounds
Crohoore Loves hounds
Cronan Little dark one
Cuanaic Handsome
CuUladh Hound of Ulster
Dahy Capable; quick and agile
Daibheid Dearly loved
Daibhid Variant of Daibhidh: Beloved
Dailey Variant of Daly: Gather together
Daithi Beloved or quick and agile
Daithm Variant of Daibhidh: Beloved
Dalon Variant of Dallin 'blind'
Daran an alternate form of Darren
Deoradhain Exile
Dermod Variant of Dermot: Free from jealosy
Devland Misfortune
Devlen Variant of Devlin: Brave
Devlon Misfortune
Devlyn Variant of Devlin: Brave; misfortune
Digby ditch town; dike town
Dinsmore fortified hill
Doherty harmful
Donahue dark warrior
Dow dark-haired
Duwayne Dark Many Irish and Scottish names have the meaning 'dark' or 'black'
Dwain Dark Many Irish and Scottish names have the meaning 'dark' or 'black'
Dwyer Dark wisdom
Eadbard Variant of Eadbhard: Rich protector
Eadbhard Rich protector
Eagan very mighty
Eames Prosperous protector' Variant of Edmund
Erc Red
Euan Possibly a variant of John
Euston Heart
Evoy Blond
Fachnan Name of a saint
Fagan little fiery one
Fahey From the green field
Fahy From the green field
FaIIon Ruler
Fallamhain Ruler
Farall Variant of Farrell: Brave man
Fardoragh Dark-skinned man
Farill Variant of Farrell: Brave man
Farry Manly
Farryl Variant of Farrell: Brave man
Feagh Raven
Fearadhach Manly; masculine
Feardorcha Variant of Fardoragh: Dark-skinned man
Fechin Variant of Fehin: Little raven
Fehin Little raven
Feich Raven
Feichin Variant of Fehin: Little raven
Feidhlim Good forever
Feidhlimidh Variant of Feidhlim: Good forever
Felan Variant of Faolan: Small wolf
Felim Variant of Feidhlim: Good forever
Ferrel Variant of Farrell: Brave man
Ferrell Brave
Ferrill Variant of Farrell: Brave man
Ferryl Variant of Farrell: Brave man
FIannan Ruddy
Findley Variant of Finlay: Fair hero
Finegan Variant of Finnegan: Fair
Finghin Variant of Fineen: Fair birth; handsome
Finian light skinned; white
Finin Variant of Fineen: Fair birth; handsome
Finleigh Variant of Finlay: Fair hero
Finneen Fair birth; handsome Beautiful child
Finnegan Fair
Finnian Variant of Finian: Fair
Finnin Fair birth; handsome Beautiful child
Fionnbarr Handsome
Fionnbharr Variant of Finbar: Blond-haired; handsome
Fitzroy son of Roy
Flaine Variant of Flannery: Red-haired
Flainn Ruddy
Flanagan Ruddy
Flannagain Ruddy
Flannagan Surname
Flannan Variant of Flannery: Red-haired
Flinn Son of a red-haired man
Floinn Ruddy
Flurry In bloom
Flyn Son of a red-haired man
Fogartaigh Exiled
Fogarty Exiled
Fogerty Exiled
Foley Plunders
Forba Owns the fields
Forgael Variant of Fergal: Brave
Gadhra Mastiff
Gaffney Calf
Gaile Stranger
Gair small
Gairbith Rough peace
Galbraith Sctosman in Ireland
Galloway Sctosman in Ireland
Gara Mastiff
Garrity Surname
Garvan Rough
Garve Rough; rugged
Gaynor son of the fair-skinned man
Gearoid Spearbrave
Geraghty From the court
Ghilchrist servant of Christ
Gilroy devoted to the king
Gilvarry Serves Christ
Giolla Chriost Serves Christ
Giollabrighde Serves Saint Bridget
Giollabuidhe Blond
Giolladhe Golden
Glaleanna Dwells in the glen
Gofraidh Peace from God
Gogarty Banished
Golligan Surname
Gormain Blue
Gorman small; blue eyed
Gorrie Peace from God
Gorry Peace from God
Gothfraidh Peaceful
Greagoir Watchful
Grioghar Watchful
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