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I've found Irish Baby Girl Names
  Irish Baby Girl Names

Top o' the morn to you.

Here are some Irish baby girl names. The list also gives the meaning of the girls name.

Also see Irish baby names for names that both boys and girls can use; and Irish baby boy names.

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Name Meaning
Adeen Little fire
Baibre Strange
Barrie spear; markswoman; a feminine form of Barry
Biddy Diminutive of Brigid: A variant of Bridget/ meaning the high one or strength Famous bearer: 6th century Irish abbess Brigid )known as St Bridget or St Bride) founded Ireland's first women's religious community
Bidina Protective
Blyana Strong
Brea Hill Also variant of Brina and Breanna
Bria Hill Also variant of Brina and Breanna
Buan Goodness
Caffara Helmet
Caffaria Helmet
Cahira Warrior
Caitie Variant of Katherine meaning pure
Caitlan Variant of Katherine meaning pure
Caitland Variant of Katherine meaning pure
Caoimhe Lovely and charming
Caraid Friend
Cavana From Cavan
Ciar Saint
Ciatlllait Archaic
Clodagh From the name of an Irish river/ Clodagh is used occasionally as a first name in Ireland
Correen Maiden
Correena Maiden
Corrianne Variant of Cory meaning variously: from the round hill; seething pool; ravine
Daron great; a feminine form of Darren
Derforgal Servant of Dervor
Derforgala Servant of Dervor
Devaney Dark-haired
Devanie Dark-haired
Devenny Dark-haired
Devent Bard
Devnet Bard
Duvessa Dark beauty
Ealga Noble
Eistir Irish form of Esther: star
Eithna Feminine form of Aidan: fire
Etney Feminine form of Aidan: fire
Fainche Free
Faline In charge
Fallyn In charge
Falon In charge
Faoiltiama Wolf lady
Feenat Deer
Fianait Deer
Fidelma Faithful
Fineena Beautiful child
Finella White shouldered
Fionna Fair
Flanna Red haired
Fynballa Fair shoulders
Gliona From the Greek Cleone/ daughter of a river god
Glynna Of the glen
Gormghlaith Sad
Gormley Sad
Gormly Sad
Gubnat Irish form of Abigail: brings joy
Hiolair Irish form of Hilary: happy
Hisolda Irish form of Isolda
Honor Honor
Ibernia From Ireland
Ierne From Ireland
Ilane Island
Inis From Ennis
Islene Vision
Izett Irish form of Isolda


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